My mission is to empower people to be their own healers and protect our planet. I provide resources, guides, coaching, and training that focus on a wholistic lifestyle. I do this by focusing on the mind, body, spirit and living a green life. I strive to help you find a wellness balance, share alternative healing methods, stay up to date on research, challenge what seems impossible, and create a diverse community of people to help you and in your place.

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Create a mind shift to see what is possible, heal ourselves, and protect our planet for both our well beings are intertwined.









Hi, I’m Amanda Izaguirre-Lumm, I’m a future latina certified nutrition specialist with a background in integrative and functional medicine with a focus on autoimmune. I am also an autoimmune and illness prevention health advocate. I am here to help you start new routines to take better care of your health and incorporate preventative steps to illness.

I earned my Integrative Nutrition certification from UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies. I am currently working on my Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (MS-HNFM) from the University of Western States. I was inspired to share how alternative healing and using food as medicine can help prevent and combat disease from my own experience with illness. My passion is to share with my community what I have learned and help coach clients around the value of nutrition, alternative healing, and wellness. In my experience having whole wellness is more then just treating just one or a few symptoms, it involves the mind, body, and spirit to heal.

Being first-generation American, I grew up influenced both by American culture and by my Mexican indigenous culture passed down to me through my family. My family’s history and influence of healing through nature has shaped who I am today and my approach to wellness. I love being able to connect with similar thought tribes and my community not only in english, but in Spanish as well.

I founded My Wholistic Vida because I am passionate about health and wellness, as well as the environment. My work is around supporting individuals who are experiencing illness and seeking answers to help heal. I want to build new narratives for us that do not rely just on modern medicine. I want to show others how they can reclaim their enjoyment of life through healing themselves.

My work is also around protecting our environment from pollution. Without a clean earth we can not have a clean body, everything we throw into the earth gets returned to us. I incorporate this into the educational pieces I share to bring awareness as to how it affects our wellness. There are simple things we can all do to contribute on protecting mother earth and improve our wellness as a whole.

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My Mantra: Nourish, Nurture, Grow, and Elevate


Growing up in an indigenous Mexican household, I learned to take natural ailments for illness. I still recall a tea that our parents swore by to alleviate a cold. As a kid, I referred to it as the “yucky tea” for its pungent taste. In reality, the tea combined immune-boosting ingredients that did help aid with the cold. This is where the passion for nutrition began, and for the past fifteen years, I have been on a healing journey due to multiple autoimmune disorders.

In the last years as an undergraduate student at San Diego State University, I was diagnosed with Lupus, mixed connective tissue disease, and Sjogren’s syndrome. When it came to the Lupus diagnosis, I was presented with either taking a Western medicine approach that included medication that would have to be taken permanently or a solely natural approach with a strict nutrition regime. I went with my inner voice and chose natural medicine. I recruited the help from a naturopathic doctor that combined nutrition, Eastern medicine, and chiropractic therapies to optimize and revitalize my declining health. Over the years, I have kept up with different healing modalities to manage symptoms, but the one that has made the most significant impact has been nutrition and mindset.

Managing multiple autoimmune disorders can seem daunting, but there are many things that can be incorporated into your lifestyle that make a difference to help you heal. In my experience the Lupus is not genetic, but rather a disease that developed on its own.

With all the things I have tried over the years I can tell you that healing takes time, but you can heal. Today I am not bedridden, my bones do not pop or ache, my blood tests have improved significantly, I can eat yummy foods, I can have my occasional dessert (all in moderation), I can enjoy being in the sun, I can be in cold weather, and most importantly I am not on medications.

My motivation and a thirst for knowledge has lead me to some amazing discoveries that have helped me stay clear of harsh medications and have found healing solutions. I am not against medications and do believe that they have the ability to heal when absolutely necessary. However, I do not believe that medication, especially ones that take a toll on the body should be taken for a life time without letting nature help first.

So there you have it, my story & my WHY.


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