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Amanda Izaguirre-Lumm

Hi, my name is Amanda, welcome to My Wholistic Vida. Nice to meet you and I'm glad you found my page!

I help individuals looking to take control of their health and life. I provide resources, guides, tools, coaching, and training that focus on a wholistic lifestyle. I share the knowledge from my personal experience and education in integrative nutrition and functional medicine. Read my story on my about me page!

When faced with an illness, it can be scary; however, we have the power to be our own advocates and healers. I can help you start new routines and develop healthier habits that are specific to you and your health. My courses are also for individuals who want to take better care of their health by incorporating preventive steps to illness.

I focus on the mind, body, spirit, and living a green life. I strive to help you find a wellness balance, share alternative healing methods, stay up to date on research, challenge what seems impossible, and create a diverse community of people to help you and in your place.

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You can expect to have well researched resources, guides, tools, coaching, and training that focus on a wholistic lifestyle that is specific to you. I will teach you skills and give you tools to help you heal yourself and be your own advocate. Your body wants to heal, but it needs some help from you.


We are all so unique which is why I always guide and encourage my clients to find what works for them. My healing methods are based on alternative medicine, nutrition, psychology, mindfulness, movement, personality traits, and astronomy. The three main areas that we will focus on are Mind, Body, and Spirit to live a more wholistic lifestyle.

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Everything we do begins with a belief, from how we eat to how we react. In this section we will focus on everything that relates to mindfulness, psychology, and beliefs.

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Our body is like a car and if we do not maintain it regularly it will break down on us. For the body we focus on nutrition, fitness, and alternative medicine.

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We all have a fire that burns within us, however, we must care for this fire mindfully because it can either nourish or engulf us. We will focus on how to ignite your inner fire, what keeps your inner fire burning and what nourishes it.

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You can purchase online courses that you can stream from anywhere, as well as have free access to some e-books.

If you are looking for personal coaching, I can help you get started on your healing journey. Simply click let’s talk below to get started.

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